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Mirage Museum Tape Sample: Goldfish Spirit

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Not sure whether to commit to a full roll of tape? Try one of our tape samples! These pre-packaged tape samples are perfect for creating themed journal spreads, organizing tapes into smaller spaces, or simply trying out the tapes before committing to a full roll. Each sample is exactly one full loop of the given design in length.

Item: Tape Sample
Design: Goldfish Spirit
Width: 6.7cm (1.6")
Length: 144cm (56.7")
Material: Washi or PET (3D Emboss)

Item: Tape Sample
Design: Goldfish Spirit (XL)
Width: 8.9cm (3.5")
Length: 200cm (78.8")
Material: PET (3D Emboss)

★ These extra-wide washi samples have a layer of sticker backing paper. Simply peel off the sticker backing paper before use. ★
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