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Washi Sample Set: Sunny Sunday

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Don't know which washi tape to choose? Try one of our washi sample sets! These carefully curated washi sample sets are perfect for creating themed journal pages, organizing tapes into smaller spaces, or simply trying out the tapes before committing to a full roll. Each set is individually wound around an acrylic board.

This set includes:
• Sunny Sunday - Rogo: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Party Time: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Collage: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Let's Travel with Sunny Sunday: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Beside the Box: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Collage No. 60: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Ticket: 60cm (24")
• Sunny Sunday - Mix: 60cm (24")

★ 3 full loops of each design: 420cm (189") total ★
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